Gary O'Connor

Digital Design

Design a sign up webpage for 'UPLOAD' – a new online video conference due to be held in Melbourne and Sydney in April 2017.

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With only a logo and copy supplied, the site design and art direction were open to consideration. The decision to use a monospace typeface and a very vibrant blue as the brand's primary colour were based on the subject matter of the event – an online video (and therefore screen) conference. Monospace typefaces were widely used in early computers while the vibrant blue, challenging to recreate in print, lives comfortably onscreen. Blue is also a colour very much associated with Australia, being the primary colour of the country's flag.

The circle and triangle shapes from the logo have been used throughout the site as a decorative device. They also take a leading role in some of the non-screen based outcomes. In addition, Abril Fatface has been used as the primary typeface for headlines and headings. The thin serifs and clean curves contrast with the rigid, structured Space Mono.

The result is a bold, creative and contemporary design that works well both on and off screen.

  • Client: Self initiated project
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